Bot Detection and Bot Protection with Unparalleled Accuracy

  • locationArania Osvaldo St 29 TLV
  • established2014
  • businessחברה גדולה
  • raised$34.5M
  • employees120

PerimeterX prevents automated attacks by detecting and protecting against malicious web behavior. By analyzing the behavior of humans, applications and networks, PerimeterX catches in real-time automated attacks with unparalleled accuracy. Our proprietary technology protects your business and web infrastructure by preventing known attacks and those that do not trigger security. With PerimeterX businesses deploy and gain visibility within minutes and easily integrate it into their existing infras

“With our ability to detect sophisticated bots and stop attackers in their tracks, we’ve quickly become a market leader for behavior-based web protection"

Omri Iluz, founder and CEO of PerimeterX

Management Team

Omri Iluz | CEO & Co-Founder

Ido Safruti | CTO & Co-Founder

Ophir Ashkenazi | CFO & Co-Founder


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